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Why underground leads

Our proprietary marketing services and lead screening processes generate high-quality leads that exceed industry standards. We take pride in offering high-intent auto insurance, home insurance, and education leads that are actively seeking your service and are ready to purchase.

Underground Leads controls lead generation, we own and operate our non-incentivized interest forms and online advertisements. Once a consumer completes our form, we send the high-intent lead to you in real-time. Through our controlled distribution services, you can confidently work your leads; we sell each lead a maximum of three times and insurance lead buyers never compete with an agent from their same carrier.

The Underground Leads platform is accessible and convenient, all of your account and lead information is housed online with 24/7 account access. Maximize your time and ROI with user-controlled account parameters and lead filters. Target your leads’ locations by state, zip code or county, control lead delivery settings , and search your past lead orders with a few simple clicks.

Start today and we will credit $250 in free leads to get you started, no obligation or contract! Our knowledgeable account specialists are ready to assist in our simple on-boarding process and continued account optimization and support.



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What makes our leads high-intent?

To supply you and your enterprise with high-intent, high-quality leads, our marketing initiatives target 2 core kinds of consumers: captivated consumers and pre-determined consumers.

Captivated consumers are leads who encountered an advertisement, email, or website that triggers their intent to search for a particular service. They visit an Underground Leads’ landing page and fill out a contact form.

Pre-determined consumers intentionally access a computer or mobile device with the specific intent of searching for a pre-determined service. Once online, the consumer finds our landing page or advertisements and fills out our contact form.

By engaging consumers who are actively seeking a service, we are able to deliver high-quality leads with high levels of interest.

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