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The Underground Leads team provides insurance agents with high-intent leads via easy-to-use purchasing, management, and tracking processes quality. Since 2008, we have been empowering agents to achieve their sales goals by delivering better leads, creating more filters and expanding key metrics. As a result of our performance-driven, transparent approach to doing business, Underground Leads is now one of the nation’s premier providers of lead generation services for the insurance industry. And the number of insurance agents that work with Underground Leads—well over 10,000—only  continues to grow.

At a time when many insurance lead vendors incentivize, aggregate, or duplicate their leads to boost volume and reduce quality, Underground Leads has remained true to the original mission to connect agents with quality, internally-generated leads. Our proprietary marketing services and lead screening processes generate high-intent leads that exceed industry standards. Leads generated through our marketing initiatives are comprised of captivated and pre-determined consumers. To help optimize lead conversion rates, we sell leads a maximum of three times, and never to the same carrier. We are committed to the success of our clients, which is why our unique approach to lead generation continues to consistently out-perform lead aggregators.

Underground Leads is a subsidiary of Underground Elephant, a leader in performance-based customer acquisition and direct response marketing that finds great customers for big brands. Underground Elephant is committed to finding the best customers for major insurance carriers, higher-education institutions, and financial service providers. Through Underground Leads, we are redefining insurance lead generation with innovative SaaS and AdTech solutions. Start finding your best customers today.

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