Underground Elephant has Recently Announced Its Strategy to Improve Insurance Agents’ ROI by Partnering with Blitz Lead Manager

11 Feb Underground Elephant has Recently Announced Its Strategy to Improve Insurance Agents’ ROI by Partnering with Blitz Lead Manager

San Diego, CA (February 11, 2013) – Underground Elephant has recently announced its strategy to improve insurance agents’ ROI by partnering with Blitz Lead Manager.  Underground Elephant’s high-quality lead flow, coupled with Blitz’s workflow platform, promises to be an unparalleled advantage for those clients that opt for both companies.  Blitz’s Lead Manager CRM software, “Big Data” will help drive customer sales by organizing and managing every step of the process from the opening call to the closing of the deal.

Underground Elephant and Blitz Lead Manager are confident that the combination of Blitz’s software system and Underground’s Elephant’s high-quality leads will improve closing pee. Underground Elephant’s leads are generated 100% internally and are sold a maximum of two times. Controlling the quality of traffic and keeping production internal improves contact and quote ratios for lead buyers.  Insurance agents will see noticeable improvements in quarterly ROI by combining both systems.

“The high-quality leads generated by Underground Elephant provide an ideal match for Blitz Lead Management’s features and capabilities” said Archie Heinl, President of Blitz Lead Manager. “By providing insurance agents the opportunity to use these tools to their advantage, it will ultimately put them a step ahead of their competition”.

With over 79% of leads going cold predominately due to a lack of agent follow-up, the partnership between Underground Elephant and Blitz looks to fill a troublesome void.

“Underground Elephant is excited to announce a reciprocal partnership with Blitz Lead Manager” said Underground Elephant VP of Business Development, James Riebel. “We are constantly looking for ways to help our clients work all of their leads in the most efficient way possible- partnering with Blitz enables us to do just that. We look forward to a long partnership, while providing the highest-level of service, and delivering unparalleled results to their user base.”


About Underground Elephant

Underground Elephant is dedicated to quality and customer service for insurance agents. Having worked with over 10,000 insurance agents within the past decade, Underground Elephant is focused on providing their national clients with high-quality, actionable leads.

Focused on lead generation, Underground Elephant uses an intent-driven marketing formula which provides insurance agents higher contact and quote ratios. By selling leads a maximum of 2 times, Underground Elephant protects their customers by providing them undiluted, profitable leads which lead to a proven increase in sales.  Underground Elephant invites you to utilize the most advanced technology platform and marketing strategies available.

For more information on Underground Elephant’s leads process, visit them at: http://www.undergroundleads.com or http://undergroundelephant.com


About Blitz Lead Manager:

Blitz Lead Manager automates your sales process!  Leads generated by Underground Elephant will drop directly into Blitz, automatically get assigned to a producer, and put on their schedule to call.  If configured, a personalized email can be automatically sent to the lead when it arrives.  Agents are able to create a custom Workflow schedule to automate emails to leads and add follow up calls to users’ schedules until the sale is made, and use Blitz’s reporting tools and real-time email notifications to track lead and employee progress.  This sophisticated lead tracking system saves agencies valuable time and money while preventing leads and opportunities from falling through the cracks.

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