04 Dec Underground Leads and Contactability Announce Partnership for Insurance Agents

San Diego, CA (November 26, 2012) – Underground Leads, a subsidiary of Underground Elephant, which provides insurance agents with high-quality, actionable leads, has announced its partnership with Contactability.com. Contactability, a subsidiary of Cyber Technology, connects businesses with prospects through its web-based automation tool. Together, Underground Leads and Contactability are committed to helping insurance agents; on a national level connect with more qualified leads to increase the amount of insurance policies written on a daily basis.

Underground Leads and Contactability will be supporting one another’s efforts to increase their client’s success rates through joint-referrals. Underground Leads will make available the usage of their proprietary lead generation platform to Contactability’s clients, and Contactability will offer their Rapid Response and Lead Nurturing system services, which transfer verify consumer’s interest and generate live-call leads to insurance agents. With over 78% of insurance agents being more likely to write an insurance policy if they are the first person to speak with the lead, it has never been more important for agents everywhere to quickly, and consistently get in touch with their leads.

“We are excited to partner with Underground Elephant and extend our services to more insurance agents,” said Contactability CEO, Lev Barinskiy. “Underground Leads and our platform will make it easier and more cost effective for insurance agents to write more policies in today’s competitive marketplace.”

This partnership between Underground Leads and Contactability will work towards improving the ROI of insurance agents across the country.

“Contactability is a first-class business, and Underground Leads is extremely excited to have partnered with them” said Underground Leads VP of Business Development, James Riebel. “We feel that by teaming up, we are delivering to insurance agents more sales in the most efficient way possible. We look forward to a long partnership, and to helping insurance agents across the country grow their books of business.”

About Underground Leads

Underground Leads, a subsidiary of Underground Elephant, is dedicated to quality and customer service for insurance agents. Having worked with over 10,000 insurance agents within the past decade, Underground Leads is passionate about providing their national clients with high-quality, actionable leads.

Focused on lead generation, Underground Leads uses an intent-driven marketing formula which provides insurance agents higher contact and quote ratios. By selling leads a maximum of 2 times, Underground Leads protects their customers by providing them undiluted, profitable leads which lead to a proven increase in sales.  Underground Leads invites you to utilize the most advanced technology platform and marketing strategies available. Visit us at: http://www.undergroundleads.com

About Contactability

Contactability is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyber Technology and is backed by almost a decade of lead management experience. Based in Columbus, OH, they have helped over 20,000 insurance agents connect with their potential customers and be the first to make contact. To learn more about Contactability, please visit us at: www.contactability.com or call 877-323-7750.